Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are students attending technical centers/vocational technical centers (not a college or university) eligible for scholarship?

  • I will graduate before I receive my scholarship funds, can I still apply for a scholarship?
    If you graduate before the scholarship can be awarded you do not qualify.  NEWH issues scholarships through your school.  The award is to help defray the cost of tuition, books, fees and other related educational needs incurred by you. Should you leave school for any reason (including graduation); any and all surplus funds in your account are to be returned to NEWH, Inc.  Under certain circumstances your situation may still qualify (example: if you would be graduating 3-4 months prior to the scholarship being awarded and you would have current debt at the school you are attending the check could then be issued to the school to pay towards that debt).

  • Are students who attend 2 year or 4 year interior design programs that are not CIDA accredited eligible to apply for the NEWH scholarship?
    NEWH gives scholarships to two-year and certificate programs that are related to the hospitality industry, college or university is not part of the criteria.  “An eligible school is defined as one that will hold the scholarship moneys in trust for the student to draw down upon on an “as needed” basis”. The school must be an accredited institution.  CIDA is not the only accrediting agent.  If the school or program is accredited by any approved CHEA or USDE agency, then it is accredited.

  • Can a student apply for more than 1 chapter scholarship (example a student goes to college in Florida and applies for South Florida and Sunshine Chapter Scholarships)?
    Students are encouraged to apply to the chapter that services their school.   If two chapters overlap in serving the same school, then the student can certainly apply for scholarships at both.  The student should let the chapter know if they have previously received a NEWH scholarship.

  • Does NEWH have an age cut off requirement for applicants?

  • Does the applicant have to be a US citizen?

  • Does the student have to prove that they are in need of financial help?
    Yes, the student must state on the scholarship application their financial need; financial need is a requirement to apply for a scholarship.

  • Can International Students apply for a scholarship?

  • What if my GPA is a cumulative 3.0 GPA is that accepted?
    Yes, your GPA must be a minimum of a cumulative 3.0 or higher or a B average equivalent

  • Do I have to be a member to apply for a scholarship?
    No, you do not need to be a member.  Membership is encouraged and student members receive 1-year of free membership.  We encourage you to be involved in your local chapter. Attend events, serve on a committee, recruit other students…the opportunities are endless. Now is the time to start to cultivate your professional relationships through NEWH membership.  Also, full-time Educators can join for free!

  • I’m attending a two-year program am I eligible to apply for a NEWH scholarship?
    Yes, NEWH gives scholarships to two-year and certificate programs that are related to the hospitality industry (must be an accredited college)

  • I may not be able to submit my transcripts by the due date on the application, what should I do?
    Please contact the Chapter Scholarship Director to discuss extending the deadline (if possible)

  • If I live in New York and attend school in Washington DC can I apply for both chapter scholarships?
    The student should apply for the scholarship through the chapter that their school is located in, student members can participate in any NEWH Chapter events.