From 1985 – 2004 ,NEWH honored many outstanding woman. We recognized women who had a positive influence on the Hospitality Industry, and who have mentored and promoted the advancement of women within our industry. Women, who by direct guidance and personal example, has had a positive effect as a role model, industry innovator, or as a conduit for education, advancement and change.

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the loyal friend and adviser of Odysseus, and the teacher of his son, Telemachus. A mentor, then is a wise and loyal adviser, teacher or coach.

NEWH wishes to encourage and urge women to actively establish mentoring relationships, for as one woman succeeds, all women succeed.

Each nominee was evaluated on the impact she has had on the Hospitality Industry and how she has promoted the advancement of women within our industry. Nominees were sought from every aspect of the Hospitality Industry and related fields and from all areas of the country – women of high visibility, as well as women who contribute significantly with little public acknowledgment for their work.