Martha’s Mentors


The “Martha’s Mentors Program” offers an exceptional opportunity for people that are early in their careers in the hospitality field to receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals who have excelled in their careers.

Mentorship pairs will establish a strong foundation for growth and development, focusing on areas such as career advancement, leadership skills, industry knowledge, and networking.

This mentor project exemplifies NEWH’s commitment to fostering professional growth and elevating women in the industry. By pairing mentees with highly accomplished mentors, the program seeks to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights into the diverse facets of the hospitality industry.

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Only 37% of professionals have a mentor - Forbes

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63% of women have never had a formal mentor - PEW Research Center

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89% of those who have been mentored will also go on to mentor other -


Martha’s Mentor Program” will create meaningful connections and provide invaluable support to mentees as they navigate their careers in the dynamic hospitality industry. 



In loving memory of Martha Tillim, a dedicated and inspiring woman. Her legacy of love and professionalism in the hospitality industry will forever guide and inspire others. This program, dedicated to her memory, aims to continue her mentoring spirit. Martha’s memory is cherished by all who knew her.

December 2, 1942 – June 17, 2023

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