Skift Take: Tipping is seen by some as an outdated concept in America, and a few vanguard restaurateurs have been trying to change how employees are compensated. But old habits die hard for both servers and customers.

— Dawn Rzeznikiewicz

Over the past few years, select restaurant operators have been experimenting with no tipping policies. In theory, eliminating tips can result in employee compensation that’s fairer, as well as make payment simpler for the diner. In practice? It’s a different story.

Skift spoke with Brian J. Warrener, full-time faculty at Johnson & Wales University College of Hospitality Management and instructor for the College of Online Education, about this growing industry trend. Warrener has conducted revealing research about tipping from the viewpoints of management and wait staff. Warrener’s areas of scholarly interest include food and beverage operations and service management theory and practice.

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