Hotel Le Bouton’s concept:

The great dedication was invested in calculating the direction of the hotel to reduce energy consumption, by taking advantage of the abundant wind, and in selecting strong, versatile materials that can surmount climate challenges. Hotel  Le Bouton hosts 25 guestrooms, 7 floors, and one basement. On the ground floor, D1 makes space to accommodate a cafe, bar, and pool to deliver an exemplary service package befitting a luxury hotel.

Design Concept: Beaches and Hills – Danang is famous for its long sandy beaches and majestic marble mountains overlooking the coastal city of over 1 million people. Taking inspiration from nature, the Hôtel Le Bouton is built to breathe the sense of breezy beaches into the busy urban area where the building stands.

The rooftop of the Hôtel Le Bouton project is tailored into the shape of wavy lines that mimic undersea currents. The façade is accentuated with volcano-like chimneys rising from the bathtub inside the guest rooms straight through the roof, peeking up at visitors from the top of the building.

Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio

Along the basement through to the rooftop features a series of elements that embody Danang’s natural beauty: the sand garden in the basement and the dry garden on the terrace. The garden, filled with natural marine sand, is designed to be
The rooftop is designed to resemble undersea currents, giving visitors the impression of floating in the sea.

An exposed space that welcomes natural light; while the dry garden is modeled to be a miniature beach with light pillars that symbolize the mountains, sand, and the ingenious flora species of the Central Coast.

The miniature can swiftly transport any guests walking by straight to Danang beach, where they promenade afoot, amidst the waves gently caressing their ankles. Traversing along the corridor, you will be serenaded into a dream, floating in complete serenity, becoming a child yet again, and embraced by both heaven and earth.

Hotel Le Bouton

Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio

The Spring of Rejuvenation – Situated on the hotel’s ground floor is its unique offer: a hot mineral pool modeled after a cave with a natural stream, gushing from a steep limestone cliff. A step into the lake is enough to shift guests into a wonderland full of natural wonders.

As cosmopolitan life develops to be more and more superficial, the link between people and nature, between people and life, and the connection among people get ever looser. Recognizing this, the project team places guest experience at the center.

The value of the project lies not in the bricks and steel that construct the building itself, but in the relief from the stress, the pain, and the pressure of work, an escape from the demands of life, in order to find oneself yet again, away from the cold, hard concrete of office buildings.

Hotel Le Bouton

Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio

Redefining the Façade – D1 Architectural Studio wishes to bring about a shift in thinking and perception of architecture. For us, architecture is not where you simply exist in the squares of buildings, but a home for each person to live, breath, and appreciate the beauty of nature. In the Hôtel Le Bouton project, the studio architectural perception of façade design.
Stone benches and wooden tables in the resting area, produced by local artists, bring visitors home to the indigenous nature of Danang.

In the hand of D1 Architectural Studio, the façade becomes the dot on the ‘i‘ rather than a structure that dominates other elements. Expressing liberal architectural thinking, the skylight, and the interior design function to bring beauty to the exterior façade.

The skylight does not only function to expand the view, take in natural light and circulate air flows but also connects spaces together. D1 positioned the bathroom outside each guest room, turning the façade into a scenery itself.

A touch of Local Culture – D1 Architectural Studio’s works are grounded in indigenous culture. D1 architects cleverly integrate local materials to breathe a sense of local intimacy into each design. In that way, the studio contributes to the development of the local economy while preserving traditional values.

Working with artisans, we arranged every interior design element carefully and thoughtfully. The goal is to highlight simplicity in layout and materials texture – there must not be a single redundant detail.

Hotel Le Bouton

Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio

Project Info:
Lead ArchitectNguyễn Thanh Tân
Interior Design: D1 Architectural Studio
Landscape DesignD1 Architectural Studio
Client: Vạn Mỹ Khánh Company Limited
Structural Design: KS. Bùi Văn Nhựt
Area:405 m²
Lead Interior Designers:Lê Thị Trang,  Nguyễn Thanh Tân
Electromechanical Design:Lâm Ngọc Khôi
Construction Supervisor:Nguyễn Viết Thắng
Green Architecture Consultants: D1 Architectural Studio
Lightning Consultant:Vạn Mỹ Khánh Co. Ltd.
Location: Vietnam  

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