David Elliot  / Airbnb

Airbnb is limiting the number of nights that its hosts can rent out their entire homes or apartments to just 120 days in four Paris neighborhoods. David Elliot / Airbnb

Skift Take: It's a start, but having these rental limits apply to only 20 percent of the neighborhoods in your No. 1 market in the entire world doesn't seem like very much. And who's to say those same Airbnb hosts won't just turn to other short-term rental sites instead?

— Deanna Ting

Airbnb says hosts in central Paris can now only rent out their homes for up to 120 nights a year, a new cap introduced to comply with city regulations.

The company’s director for France and Belgium, Emmanuel Marill, said Tuesday the cap would apply to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th districts, or arrondissements, of Paris. Hosts will have a “ticker” on their home page showing how many nights they have remaining available.

City council member Sylvain Maillard tweeted praise for the decision, though critics said it should be extended to all 20 Paris arrondissements.

Residents and regulators in tourist destinations worldwide have protested services like Airbnb, saying they drive up housing costs and that hosts use them to run commercial businesses. Other cities have instituted caps or require permits.