Interior modern partitions and Open-plan layouts have been all the rage in design for the past decade. Many walls have been removed, allowing rooms to flow freely into one another. All that openness has its advantages, the most notable of which are lightness and brightness.

When living in a tiny place, such as a studio or apartment, an open plan can mean no clear separation of space, which presents a new interior design challenge. Although you may not want to partition your area with walls, having separate rooms for each function or person in spaces like an office floor may be beneficial.

10 Interior Modern Partitions for More Privacy

The good news is there are pretty limitless choices of interior modern partitions you can choose from to ensure privacy without closing up a room. The variety in the options satisfies all different needs and varying design tastes.

  • Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are usually the first that comes to mind when considering modern interior partitions. Keep the doors open to maintain the open concept. Close them if you want privacy and isolation without making your house feel closed. You can go for glass sliding doors to get more visual connection and a contemporary look or for wooden sliding doors for a more private and cozy atmosphere.

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  • Half Walls

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We are still challenged with defining spaces in this era of open plans, and a half wall can sometimes be used as one of the best modern interior partitions. Half walls can be used to create separation and offer a level of privacy. Also called pony walls, they can be made of almost any material. Moreover, they can be used as more than just a separation—for instance; some shelves can be attached to a half wall or act as a TV unit.

  • Bifold Doors

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Both business and residential spaces can benefit from bifold sliding glass doors for their efficient operation and the playful design statement they make. Two or more panels are hinged together at the ends of a bifold door, allowing them to effortlessly fold or stack together as they move open and come to rest off to one side—this mechanism saves space efficiently. The panels are removed from the stack and straightened up to close, finishing end to end.

  • Bookshelves

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The great non-permanent solution to divide a tiny space is using freestanding bookshelves and shelving units with cubbies. These modern interior partitions provide new storage surfaces for books and decor while creating physical and visual isolation. Those with open backs will let plenty of sunlight into your original open-plan space, while models with drawers or doors will help you to hide your stuff as a means to declutter.

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  • Wood Slats

A wood slat partition constitutes a series of wood boards that run from floor to ceiling, resembling a wall but with gaps every few inches. The warmth and contemporary sense wood slat partitions bring into a room make them at the top of the interior modern partition list. They are a visually light addition to the room that helps ensure more privacy without creating a claustrophobic effect, especially in small spaces. You can play with the spacing between the wood boards to achieve your desired level of privacy.


  • Perforated Metal Dividers

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When it comes to durability, metal partitions are indestructible. These remarkable perforated metal divider designs have a modern and lively appearance and a seamless ambiance that is great for those who want openness and seclusion.

The perforation gives the appearance of more open space while maintaining a level of privacy that effectively separates distinct sections. Moreover, metal room dividers can be customized into fixed partitions, bifold doors, pivoting doors, and even three-dimensional partitions.

  • Standalone Acoustic Panels

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Standalone acoustic panels are a functional choice for modern interior partitions—they ensure visual and auditory privacy and come in colorful shades and playful forms. Moreover, they can be moved easily, which increases flexibility and enables you to change the arrangement of a room in no time. Standalone acoustic panels are an excellent choice for rooms where different activities with different privacy levels are needed, like a classroom, a library, or an open-plan office.

  • Waterfalls

A waterfall room divider easily opens up space while maintaining privacy, light, and tranquillity and bringing a sense of nature indoors. Conference rooms, living rooms, offices, spas, lobbies, and receptions are examples of where waterfall room dividers can be used. For added privacy, glass can be carved with your brand name or unusual textures, such as rain glass.


  • Greenery as Room Dividers

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Plants are nature’s most effective solution for breaking up ample space and creating a privacy screen while providing fresh air in different ways to create a boundary. To make a screen or a walkway, group several tall column planters with little trees. Separate areas using rectangular pots filled with tall foliage plants. Smaller tabletop containers can even be lined on a long table or bench. You can also stack shelves of planters or create a long plant wall.

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Pivoting doors, with their numerous benefits, improve the operation of a room while also improving its physical and visual accessibility. Pivot doors are advantageous, which is why they are most commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings with significant traffic. Still, they are also aesthetically beautiful enough to be utilized in various other settings. They are ideal for transporting weighty loads and opening doors larger than typical due to how they operate.

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