My name is Carley Almaraz, and I am currently enrolled as a fourth-year Interior Architecture student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Throughout my time at the University of Tennessee, I have sought to understand design through a conceptual and technical lens. My passion for design is seen through overarching concepts in my projects that aim to create unforgettable spaces and inspire visitors. My expected graduation date is May 2023, and I am eager to become a valued addition to the design world post-college. Through the personal experiences and knowledge I have attained these past four years, my desire to understand and develop my architectural style has increased. By pursuing a firm that values ambition, innovation, and collaboration, I will be able to continue my personal discovery and ultimately advance the interchanging world of design.

Interested in these areas: Charleston, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Texas, and North, and South Carolina

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First Name: Carley
Last Name: Almaraz
Country: USA
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Work Remotely: Yes