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Quotes from 2024 TopID winners

“We are beyond thrilled and honored to be recognized in the NEWH TopID Class of 2024! It makes it even more special knowing we’ve been selected by our industry peers.”

Lesley Hughes Wyman, RID, IIDA, NEWH, ASID
MatchLine Design Group, LLC

“We are thrilled and honored to receive recognition as a TopID firm by NEWH. Designing this space required collaboration of various teams, artisans and creatives. The visioning for the Pavilion at Ink Grade was the result of close collaboration with Lawrence Wine Estates CEO Carlton McCoy. Tapping into the sensory and visual elements was the basis for the foundation of the design, ultimately creating an intimate tasting salon experience. We pay homage to the Ink Grade motto: ‘In wildness is the preservation of the world.’”

Fatima Silva
Design Principal
FDG Design Group

“We are HONORED, incredibly grateful, and ecstatic to be named TopID for the Atlanta Chapter.  We’re grateful to be judged as a design firm on how our spaces SERVE their users and how we SERVE each other. We at Banko Design strive to be unmatched in those categories, and we’re so grateful to be recognized in this capacity by NEWH.”

Melissa Banko
Founder & Principal
Banko Design

“Thank you so much to the NEWH San Francisco Chapter for recognizing Arcsine as a Top ID Firm for 2024. Our incredible team and your unwavering support are the driving forces behind this achievement, and we’re truly grateful!”

Elizabeth Dillon, NCIDQ
Director of Interiors

“This international accolade is a source of great satisfaction, as it underscores our ability to keep up with the hospitality industry, a sector in constant dynamism, increasingly oriented towards unexplored solutions. Milan is undergoing a significant process of regeneration, initiated with Expo 2015 and currently in full swing for the 2026 Olympics. Being involved in some projects for the upcoming event, we trust that our expertise and design approach can bring added value to the contexts in which our architectures are embedded.”

Andreas Profanter
Partner and Architect

“I am incredibly honored that KatzDesignGroup was selected as a TopID 2024. I love representing hospitality designers at the local universities and promoting our chapter and generous scholarships to students.”

Beth Katz

“HBG Design is honored to be recognized again as a Top ID by the NEWH Mid-South Chapter. The HBG interior design team is passionate about creating transformative hospitality design experiences. We greatly appreciate this acknowledgement of our achievements by the NEWH organization.”

Emily Marshall
Interior Design Director
HBG Design

“It is an honor to be recognized by NEWH as TopID  2024, it endorses our push for excellence. We cherish the relationships with our trade partners throughout the US.”

Floss Barber
Floss Barber, Inc

“It is such an honor to be selected as a NEWH TopID firm for 2024! NEWH is an invaluable resource for the hospitality design profession, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the talented group of firms representing TopID this year. Thank you to the NEWH South Florida Chapter for all you do for our industry and the support you provide to the next generation of hospitality professionals.”

Leslie Schultz
Chief Design Officer
Interior Image Group (IIG)

“It is such a privilege to be recognized as a NEWH TopID design firm for 2024. The whole BWH Studio Design team wishes to express gratitude to all the hard working, amazing vendors we work with on our projects as well as to be selected by the NEWH team for this great honor. We look forward to another great year, filled with many opportunities to design and create beautiful and functional hospitality spaces.”

Melanie Kettring, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C
Director Studio Design
BWH Hotel Group

“I am deeply honored to have been selected as a TopID (Top Interior Designers) winner. This award is a recognition of our commitment – mine and of my wife Roberta – to create hospitable spaces full of uniqueness, essentiality, fluidity and sustainability. The award-winning project, the BW Premier Collection Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel & Spa, is a place where art and tradition, contemporary hospitality and old-hearted hospitality meet. Like a tale of wonder that takes shape through intentional dissonance with its context, Palazzo Gatto is a work that characterizes the center of Trapani with a different type of expression that draws its essence from this land rich in history, tradition and beauty. I thank the board of the Milan chapter for this recognition.”

Simone Micheli
Simone Micheli | Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

“HVS Design is honored and humbled to be named a NEWH TopID firm for 2024. We are a team of passionate and devoted designers who are thankful to work in our industry alongside ownership and vendors to bring custom interiors to life. Receiving this award confirms the studio’s hard work and collaboration to create successful and inspiring projects. We wish all NEWH TopID winners a heartfelt congratulations and are thrilled to be in such good company.”

Christine Shanahan
HVS Design

“OZ is thrilled to be honored again in 2024 with the NEWH Top ID award. We feel this is a testament to our clients, the amazing projects we collaborate on daily, and the incredible talent we have cultivated within OZ. Top ID is a recognition that propels our interiors team further in pursuit of design excellence, mentorship, and leadership. We look forward to continuing to inspire and innovate in the industry!”

Rebecca Stone
OZ Architecture

“For Cuningham, recognition as a TopID Firm underscores our capacity to go beyond standards to set a transformative benchmark for excellence in hospitality design. Every space we create tells a meaningful story and this accolade reaffirms our dedication to weaving purpose-driven innovation into our designs. We’ve also committed to active involvement in NEWH and are proud to be aligned with the other top firms in support of the organization’s mission.”

Elena A Gonova, NCIDQ, RID, LEED AP® ID+C
Senior Associate
Cuningham/Las Vegas

“Our team at PD&A is filled with gratitude and honored to be recognized by NEWH – Orange County Region CA as TopID firm for 2024!  We use what we know, share, and learn to create brilliant designs to imagine the future. We express our highest appreciation for TopID and will never stop loving the design industry that improves the world. Thank you!”

Karen A. Struck
Planning Design & Application, Inc. (PD&A)

“It is an honor to be included in the TopID list for 2024. Although the Gensler San Diego office has only been around for 20 years, we are leveraging our firm’s deep bench of hospitality expertise to innovate with inclusive designs, maintain a climate focus for net zero projects, and even explore how our client’s developments may be restorative to the community. We love that NEWH connects the various facets of our industry and hope that this award will help us continue to do what we love with the best people. Now let’s sail into 2024.”

Veronica Sandoval
Interior Designer
Gensler/San Diego

“Within McMahon Hospitality, our esteemed project visionaries, Louis Carter and Eric Erazo, join us in expressing deep gratitude for being recognized among the industry’s finest. It is with great honor that we receive the Top ID 2024 accolade as a minority-owned small business. At the core of our pride is our commitment to fostering proper representation of diverse cultures. We believe in creating spaces that not only exemplify excellence in hospitality but also celebrate the richness of our varied backgrounds. This acknowledgment fuels our passion to continue championing inclusivity and setting a standard for the industry. We look forward to further contributing to the tapestry of excellence in the years to come.”

McMahon Architects Team

“It is such a huge honour to win TopID 2024! Being the Owner and Creative Director of Daniel Meloché Design, it is just me and only me competing against such prestigious and well known design firms in Vancouver. I am so grateful for the support NEWH provides to all designer firms big and small to ensure their success and recognition in our industry. Cheers to the other two very talented winners in the Vancouver region!”

Daniel Meloché, R.I.D., D.I.D., NCIDQ
Owner and Creative Director
Daniel Meloché Design

“All of us at Eleventh Floor Design are incredibly excited to be recognized by the NEWH New York Chapter as a TopID 2024 winner!!! We are grateful and proud to be surrounded by such a dedicated and inspiring community. We wish all the winners a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!! Here’s to an amazing year ahead!!!”

The Eleventh Floor Design Team

“It is a great honor for Design Poole to represent the thriving Central Florida region as one of three local firms to receive the NEWH TopID Award for 2024! Our gratitude goes out to the dedicated and talented individuals who make up our team at Design Poole.  Without their creativity, passion, and unwavering commitment to our success, we could not have achieved this honor. A special thanks to our clients and manufacturing partners whose collaborations assure delivery of the ultimate hospitality experiences. Most importantly, thank you to NEWH for inspiring a balanced synergy between design excellence and giving back to an industry we love so much!”

Trisha Poole
Design Poole Inc.

“We are extremely touched to be recognized by the NEWH Organization as a TopID Firm for 2024! What a tribute to be acknowledged amongst a group of such talented individuals in hospitality design. NEWH’s ability to bring designers, vendors, students and mentors together to cultivate invaluable business relationships should be celebrated and we’re thrilled to support and be supported by such a steadfast and committed organization.”

Stacy DiCarlo
Yellowbird Design Studio

“NEWH really has its fingers on the pulse of the industry, so being named one of Arizona’s TopID practices for 2024 is a great honor for us. It’s a testament not just to the talent at RSP but, more importantly, to the bold vision and creativity of our clients. There’s an alchemy to great design, and working with our clients always inspires us to make the magic happen. Thank you for the recognition.”

Erin Yi, NCIDQ
Director of Hospitality Interiors

“We are honored to be named a TopID firm by an organization that actively supports the growth and development of the industry. We are grateful to NEWH for the recognition, and to our talented team for their continued hard work and passion.”

Giana DiLeonardo

“The team at JCJ Architecture is thrilled to be selected by our peers for the NEWH TopID Firm award in 2024. Not only does it reaffirm our dedication to thoughtful and excellent design across the industry, but it also reflects the mentorship and creativity that we foster within the firm. For us, design is in the details, and receiving this recognition strengthens our commitment to innovative and beautiful hospitality design, created in collaboration with remarkable partners to deliver the best solutions. We are overwhelmed with honor and gratitude.” 

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” -Charles Eames

 JoyceLynn Lagula
Associate Principal/Studio Leader
JCJ Architecture

“Being named a TopID 2024 by NEWH is such a great honor. We are humbled to be ranked amongst the best of this network of such talent.  But most of all our pride lies in what the organization does for students not only financially in providing scholarships to students in need but also the rich network of mentoring and internships for the next generation of designers.”

Valentina Castellon
Hospitality Interior Design Leader | Principal
DLR Group

“We extend our gratitude to NEWH for recognizing Baskervill as a TopID firm for 2024. This accolade not only celebrates our legacy of transformative design, but also acknowledges the endless dedication of our hardworking team. We feel honored to be listed amongst such innovative firms and look forward to shaping the future of design alongside them and the NEWH community.”

Adrienne Scribner, CID, ASID

”NEWH TopID is the most well-rounded award of excellence in our hospitality industry. We are honored and humbled to be chosen to represent NEWH and to support its Mission!”

Libby Patrick
Founder & CEO
Sims Patrick Studio

“Recognition by NEWH as a TopID firm for 2024 is an honor and an acknowledgement of the work we aspire to complete for our clients. As a growing firm in a competitive industry, ACC Design strives every day to transform neutral spaces into inspiring, welcoming environments that connect people. We are proud to be part of an industry that recognizes good energy and great work, and we are thrilled to help encourage the next generation of designers to do the same.”

Jennifer Weeda, NCIDQ
ACC design

“As many of you know, the past year brought tremendous projects for the Los Angeles Hospitality Interior Design Team at LEO A DALY to design extraordinary spaces. We are incredibly thrilled to be recognized by our industry peers at NEWH for the 2023 TopID Award! Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the wonderful relationships and exceptional opportunities allowing us to design and collaborate on stunning hospitality projects. We look forward to sharing more beautiful and compelling spaces in 2024 and beyond.”

Mark Pratt, AIA, IIDA
Vice President, Global Hospitality Practice Leader

“The Dallas Hospitality Interior Design Team at LEO A DALY is beyond excited and truly grateful to receive the Top ID Award for a second year in a row! We are genuinely appreciative to be a part of the NEWH Family and honored be recognized by our friends and peers. For us, this outstanding recognition represents our team’s dedication to design, innovation, and leadership in the hospitality industry.”

Kathy Chavez
Senior Associate, Market Sector Leader, Hospitality

“What an honor to be recognized as NEWH TopID! The fun of working on such great projects with truly wonderful clients is satisfaction alone. Throw in the recognition from NEWH for the efforts and results, well now we are just beside ourselves. Thank you! We are so grateful to NEWH for their support of design excellence in hospitality.”

Anita L. Degen, IIDA
Managing Principal
Degen & Degen

“The CHIL team is very excited to receive recognition from our industry peers at NEWH for the seventh consecutive year. We are immensely grateful for the incredible opportunities to design and collaborate on outstanding hospitality projects in the past year. Words cannot fully convey our appreciation. Looking ahead to 2024, we eagerly anticipate sharing more captivating and beautiful spaces. A heartfelt thank you to NEWH for their unwavering support!”

CHIL Interior Design Team

“As we continue our journey, we remain deeply grateful for this award and are inspired to maintain our commitment to design excellence, sustainability practices and shaping the future of the hospitality industry.”

Lorraine Francis
CADIZ Collaboration

“We are thrilled to have been selected as TopID 2024 by the Vancouver Regional Chapter. As a small firm, it’s extremely rewarding to have our project work recognized. We appreciate all that NEWH does in promoting design firms and the projects that we put so much into. It truly means a lot, thank you!”

Jennifer Kurtz, BID, RID
KurtzDesign Inc.

“It’s an incredible honor to be named by the NEWH Dallas Chapter as a TopID firm for the third consecutive year. We’re incredibly thankful to be recognized by our colleagues at NEWH for the work our hospitality team creates to make memorable experiences through resilient, human-centric designs that connect people with place. Together with our fellow honorees, we are excited for what the future holds in the hospitality industry.”

Dana Foley
Design Director, Studio Director

It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by NEWH a second time as a TopID recipient in Chicago as our studio deeply values the scholarship, education, and networking espoused by the organization. As the Harken team, project caliber, and geographic reach grow, NEWH’s platform has fostered our foundation and provided avenues for development. We’re so appreciative to be part of a community that represents the heart of hospitality!

Jaclyn Moser
Harken Interiors

“Receiving the Top ID award means a lot to us as it is a recognition of the quality and creativity of our work. We also feel connected with NEWH as part of the La Villaine philosophy is to help young designers develop their confidence and individual creativity so they can develop gracefully and feel empowered to improve the future of design.”

Mathilde Le Villain
Founder and Director
La Villaine

“Variant Collaborative extends our heartfelt gratitude to NEWH for this honor. Being recognized as a 2024 TopID firm validates our team’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The remarkable network and resources NEWH provides to our industry is deeply appreciated and inspires us to continue pushing boundaries in design.”

Variant Collaborative Team

“We have a lot of people to thank for 35 years in this industry: thousands of past and present clients, team members, vendor partners and collaborators. As we optimistically look to the future, we are eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities together. Thanks to NEWH for providing the platform to deepen our industry connections. Thank you to our incredible community for recognizing our contributions to hospitality and design!”

Ron Swidler, CEO
The Gettys Group Companies

“We are immensely honored to receive the distinguished recognition as a NEWH TopID firm in 2024. Receiving this award is not just a recognition of our skills in creating captivating and innovative interior spaces, but it also reflects our commitment to excellence and our passion for transforming environments. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our clients, whose trust and visionary collaboration have been instrumental in bringing their dreams to life – a collaboration that has proven invaluable in reaching this significant milestone. This award would also not be possible without the collective efforts of every individual at HFD. In the dynamic realm of interior design, our journey is a perpetual evolution, and we are profoundly thankful to be part of a supportive community that fosters our growth and presents boundless opportunities for success.”

Hospitality Furnishings & Design Inc Team