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Why Join Us?

Source is the leading industry procurement and decision management tool, enabling commercial architects and designers to streamline design and project execution processes, from discovery to delivery. We provide industry-leading data, on-demand experts, and manufacturer connections needed to make fast and stress-free product decisions. Our procurement operations team then turns these decisions into reality, helping to deliver successful projects for our clients.

What We’re Looking For

Source is looking to hire a qualified Showroom Coordinator to join our team. This is a full-time position based in Seattle in our local material resource library 3 days per week, and 1-2 days remote. The Showroom Coordinator will be responsible for helping fulfill client requests, passing on potential procurement leads to the Account Manager, and organizing and attending events in the showroom. The Showroom Coordinator will report to the Client Experience Manager and ensure that the material resource library is up to date. In addition, the Showroom Coordinator will assist in the maintenance of any outside library program we have with local architecture and design firms.

The salary range for this position is $54,000-$66,000.


  • Greet and assist in-person working sessions with designers and architects in our resource center as they are working on project selections.
  • Work with local manufacturer reps that use the resource center and collaborate with them to create industry events that promote Source.
  • File samples and keep the resource center clean and well maintained.
  • Support the order check-out processes by maintaining the barcoding of samples for our local resource center, helping refile, helping check-out clients properly to maintain accurate sample reporting.
  • Stay up to date with new products and ensure that the resource center is stocked with new and inspiring materials.
  • Help define and create educational displays in the resource centers.
  • Help define and create “New & Noteworthy” product displays in the resource centers.
  • Coordinate and/or host events for the local design community, both at our resource center and within the community.
  • Manage local resource center Instagram account – post at least 3 times a week and maintain active engagement with followers.
  • Maintain interior product knowledge and stay current with trends and new materials in order to be a strong design partner to our client members.
  • Support Client Experience Managers to fulfill research requests as submitted by our members according to our internal SOPs.
  • Assist client members with placing sample orders, gathering pricing requests, and other design needs.
  • Work with local manufacturer’s representatives to gather options and product information on behalf of a client member.
  • Help turn relationships and project leads over to the procurement team account managers.
  • Assist in the regular updates/maintenance for our contracted library management accounts by refiling samples, and coordinating new product updates.
  • Help to coordinate the digital version of any library management accounts using the Source platform “My Catalog” tools.

We believe that a successful Showroom Coordinator will find themselves saying “that’s me!” to many of the attributes below:

  • To help meet the objective of building relationships, you should enjoy meeting new people, networking, and proactively reaching out to new companies and contacts to build interpersonal relationships.
  • Enjoys working with and learning about materials and finishes. You feel at home in a materials library (and get even more excited about one that is well organized.)
  • Comfortable working autonomously. You are the kind of person who will jump right in, but isn’t afraid to ask questions along the way.
  • Takes pride in clear and professional communication. Whether it’s by Slack, email, phone call, or face to face, you value making sure your message is heard and understood, while being empathetic to those receiving it.
  • Feels comfortable working across multiple projects and able to balance a healthy level of inbound and outbound activities to support those projects’ deadlines and/or company goals.

Your Experience

This list should generally speak to who you are:

  • 1-2 years professional experience working in Retail, or within the A+D / commercial construction community.
  • Strong passion for interior design materials & furniture.
  • Comfortable visually inspecting materials and identifying attributes, type of manufacturing, technical characteristics, etc.
  • The desire and passion to learn about new materials and processes.
  • Empathetic personality with an eye to customer service.
  • Comfortable communicating with clients, Manufacturer’s Representatives and team members in-person, electronically, over the phone or via video conferencing.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, constantly evolving, environment.
  • Comfortable working with remote team members and management.

Communicable Disease Safety Protocols

Source is committed to protecting employees during a communicable disease outbreak, such as Covid-19. It is the goal of the company during any such time period to strive to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided and that employees are safe within the workplace. We will provide employees with best practices and mandatory procedures during periods of heightened disease control as quantified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Source asks all employees to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases in the workplace by following our procedures and wearing appropriate PPE. We will ensure a clean workplace, including the regular cleaning of objects, and areas that are frequently used, such as bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, door handles and railings. Source will stay abreast of guidance from federal, state and local health agencies and communicate updates and changes to our employees.

Physical Requirements

  • Sitting or standing for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to use keypad and keyboard for extended periods of time.
  • Vision and hearing to normal range (or corrected).
  • Occasional lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling of items weighing up to 40 lbs with reasonable accommodations.
  • May require longer work hours during high-volume work cycles.
  • Limited travel, 1-2 trips per year.

Our Core Values | Do hard things.

Unable to accept the status quo
Ask questions, find out the why and the how behind the what. Never settle for “that’s the way it is.” And rely on the people around you for help answering your questions. Everyone on the team is working hard, and moving fast, and yet always has time to support each other.

Accountable to execute
We are a team that believes execution eats strategy for breakfast. As a fast paced start up we take calculated risks, and make good investments with our time. We play the long game, flex on strategy when needed, and we always get things done to move the company forward.

Respectful instant feedback
Treat all people with respect, especially if you don’t yet know their story. We have direct, respectful conversations to hold each other accountable with instant + continuous feedback.

Flexible + embrace change
At Source the only thing constant is change. If you don’t like the way something works, don’t worry, it won’t be that way for long. And if you do like the way something works, well we have news for you…you may be creating an even better system soon.

Strong + passionate team
We nurture strong teams that work hard to execute and put out work that we are proud to tell our clients, investors, our network, and the world about. When possible we shout it from the rooftops. What we do, we do well.

Interested candidates, please reply to:

Company Name: source
Contact Email:
City: Portland
State: OR
Country: USA
Job Title: Showroom Coordinator
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No