RATANA – Canada, Mexico, Mid West USA

RATANA is currently hiring for a highly motivated Multi-Line Sales Representatives with solid connections in the hospitality design and procurement community in the following areas: Canada, Mexico, Mid West USA.

To apply for this position, please email CV and cover letter to Winnie Ng, Sales Manager, winnie@ratana.com


At the heart of Ratana is the idea that a life well lived is spent in nature. Since 1980, we have carried this idea offering comprehensive outdoor furniture collections designed to cater to a lavish life lived outdoors—simultaneously providing an effortless style, detailed craftsmanship and an enduring quality that will serve for years to come.

While we place emphasis on embracing innovation, some things remain steadfast. As a family-run business from the very beginning, legacy is not lost on us. This not only exists in the generations within our ranks but with those we work with every day, including our staff, partners, and clients. Many of whom, we are proud to say, have stayed with us for over 40 years. Having family as a foundation and continuing to honour the bonds we’ve built over decades; tradition will always have a place here.

Our outdoor furniture transforms any landscape into one of the simple pleasures in life, allowing everyone to enjoy the restorative powers of the great outdoors. Ratana can be found adding its signature touch of indulgence and sophistication worldwide, including at 5-star luxury hotels, high-end residential complexes, international golf courses, senior homes, and cruise ships. Seamlessly integrating into the lifestyle of many whilst delivering on the promise of looking great, feeling great, and staying in great condition for many years to come.

Visit www.ratana.com for more information on our latest offerings and products.

Company Name: RATANA
Contact Email: winnie@ratana.com
State: Canada, Mexico, Mid West USA
Job Title: Multi-Line Sales Representative
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No