Judge’s Panel

         Todd-Avery Lenahan – TAL Studio, Teri Tratos – Station Casinos, Alice O’Keefe – Gensler, Zak Ostrowski – Zodiabula

Gallery Choice:

Brett Sperry & Victoria Hart – Brett Wesley Gallery


1st Place Judge’s Panel
Popular Vote – Honorable Mention
Design Team: Wynn Design & Development
Sponsor: Korseal Hospitality


2nd Place Judge’s Panel
Gallery Choice
“Modern Mid Century”
Independent Team:  sbe Entertainment / Arktura​

3rd Place Judge’s Panel
Popular Vote – Best Design Team​
​​”Phantom of the Chairalabra”
Design Team: CLEO Design
Sponsor: Sapphire Chandelier

Popular Vote – Best Independent Team
“Rilasatto” (Laid Back in Italian)​​
Independent Team: Nature’s Element / assemblageSTUDIO
Popular Vote – Best Student Team​

​​”Geometric Journey”
Student Team: JAR Design


Gallery Choice
“Brokeback Chair”​​
Design Team: YWS
Sponsor: Valley Forge Fabrics

Gallery Choice
“The Core”​​
Design Team: Marnell
Sponsor: Village Hospitality Furnshings


Judge’s Panel
– Honorable Mention –
“Designer’s Mind”​​
Design Team: JMA Architecture
Sponsor: Conneaut


Judge’s Panel
– Honorable Mention –
“Low Karbon Kandy Kart”​​
Design Team: MGM Resorts 2
Sponsor: Momentum Group


Judge’s Panel  & Gallery Choice
– Honorable Mention –
Design Team: BWA  Architects
Sponsor: Reid Whitlin

Popular Vote & Gallery Choice
– Honorable Mention –
“All for One / One for All”​​
Design Team: MGM Resorts 1
Sponsor: Philip Jeffries

Popular Vote
– Honorable Mention –
“Desert Adirondack Chair”​​
Independent Team:  Karl Nash

Popular Vote
– Honorable Mention –
“Stable Instability”​​
Independent Team:  Plant Pusher

Popular Vote
– Honorable Mention –
Student Team:  KO

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