Interested in writing a chapter newsletter? Check out what other chapters are doing or have done. On the NEWH website under Chapters, you’ll find chapter newsletters in the left menu of each chapter page (if they have published a newsletters) – some chapters who have done newsletters in the past are: Atlanta, New York, North Central, Rocky Mountain, Sunshine, Toronto, United Kingdom, and Washington DC.


Insert this PDF of our Corporate Partners into your newsletter.


Have questions on using the NEWH Logo or using the NEWH, Inc. name?


Click here to for a template to transfer ownership of copyright for created marketing marterials for your chapter.


Click here for social media guidelines for posting.

Facebook – any Chapter/Region admin can add individuals as admins to their Facebook page. If you need assistance, please ask the NEWH Inc.

Please note: NEWH Inc. has one main Twitter account (NEWHInc). This Twitter account is linked to all the chapter/region Facebook pages and will tweet anything automatically that is posted to those Facebook pages. Because of this, when posting to Facebook, please be sure to include your chapter/region name in any Facebook post – i.e. ‘Join NEWH San Francisco for tonight’s event’ – instead of ‘Join us at our event’). NEWH Inc. uses Hootsuite, and any event notice sent from NEWH Inc. for your chapter/region is posted on your chapter/region Facebook page, which is then tweeted to the NEWH Inc. account. If you have a LinkedIn account, please let NEWH Inc. know and that can be added as well.

Click here for ideas/sample Facebook posts

Twitter – Chapter/Regions are not to have their own Twitter account. Please see above.

LinkedIn – Your chapter/region is allowed to open its own LinkedIn account. If you do that, please send NEWH Inc. the passwords so we can keep them on file here in case down the road those aren’t passed down to the next person.

Instagram – Planning an Instagram Takeover for your TopIDs or sponsors? click here for an email template


Helpful Hints

Send your pictures and event recaps for your Chapter page to NEWH, Inc.. Please uploads your pictures to Flickr by following these instructions.


Click here for a helpful list of event information to ask your programming/fundraising directors to complete. Get all the information you need for successful social media marketing of your event!


The NEWH Facts brochure and four ‘mini’ brochures – each targeting a particular membership market, including Design Professionals, Suppliers, Industry Professionals, and Students/Educators – are available digitally below. Your chapter/region is also sent a supply of the brochures to distribute at your events, company/firm visits, school visits, etc.

Facts Brochure
Insert to Facts brochure includes the current corporate partners and chapter presidents/regional steering chairs
Design Professionals brochure
Suppliers brochure
Industry Professional brochure
Students/Educators brochure

Does your chapter need NEWH envelopes, Facts brochures, notecards, etc.? Contact the NEWH Inc office.
If your chapter is interested in putting some type of marketing item together (i.e. t-shirts, golf balls, pens, etc.) just be sure you send a proof to the NEWH office for approval prior to ordering.



When you are having events professionally photographed, make sure you get a Photo Release from the photographer so your pictures can be used on the NEWH website, Facebook , NEWH Magazine, etc. without having to pay a royalty or crediting the images. This release can also be used to allow NEWH to photograph people and places.


A template that can be used for an NEWH Press Release.


These banners are available for chapter use. Please click here for banner order form and banners available.

Not sure what banner to display at your event? click here for guidelines

Quarterly Marketing Conference Calls – Up to 2020, NEWH held quarterly webinars/calls for each discipline of the chapter boards. These calls were facilitated by the NEWH, Inc. VPs and NEWH, Inc. Directors. Board members received answers to questions, shared successes, and got ideas from other chapters on what worked for them! The minutes from these calls are a great resource for board members! Find minutes from past Marketing calls posted here.